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Emergency Medical Travel Insurance
Benefit Plan now includes 90 day trips

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Emergency Medical Travel Insurance Options
Answer the simple questionnaire for a quick quote, then
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further medical questions which could impact your pricing
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Travel to and from Canada current rules 

Please download the "How to Purchase" guide if you need help with quoting and purchasing your Emergency Medical Travel Coverage

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Most Important!!!

Know you are covered before you leave.

If you are unsure if a condition is considered stable and will be covered, phone GMS at 1-800-667-3699

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance


GMS is a long time provider of Travel Medical Insurance.

You must be on the benefit plan or have purchased the insurance before you leave the country

Always check here for the latest GMS Covid Updates on Travel coverage

The following are a list of common Travel Coverage questions

What’s considered a medical emergency?

A medical emergency is disease, illness or injury that could not be predicted and needs immediate medical attention.

Do we have to let anyone know we are leaving the country?

You are not required to let anyone know you are leaving the country but you are responsible for understanding your coverage and staying within your coverage days and getting extensions if necessary.

Does TravelStar® Emergency Medical Insurance cover pre-existing medical conditions?

We cover emergency medical expenses for pre-existing conditions that have been stable for a minimum of 180 days if you are under 75 and 365 days if you are 75 or older before travelling. Even if your doctor gives you the “all clear” to travel, your condition needs to meet our specific requirements. Please call 1-800-667-3699 if unsure.

How do I know if my medical condition “stable”?

Our TravelStar insurance is designed for unpredictable medical emergencies when you’re away. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or develop one before you travel, we need to know that it won’t cause you any troubles while you’re away from home. We consider a medical condition to be stable if your condition or treatment hasn't change for a period of time before you travel. Please call 1-800-667-3699 if unsure.

If something changes in my health after I buy a TravelStar® plan and it’s before I leave, will it affect my coverage?

It could. You’re required to let us know of any changes to your health or medications before you travel so we can make sure you have the coverage you need. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to give us a call. 1-800-667-3699

What if I don’t contact your Travel Assistance Centre within 24 hours of hours of being hospitalized?

1. You must contact GMS Travel Assistance where possible before you seek medical treatment. GMS Travel Assistance will:

  • a. offer telephone interpretation services in many languages;

  • b. monitor progress during your medical consultation and medical treatment; and

  • c. coordinate all medical treatment, transport, and repatriation.

2. You must notify GMS Travel Assistance before obtaining emergency medical treatment so that we may:

  • a. confirm coverage; and

  • b. provide pre-approval of medical treatment.

If it is medically impossible for you to call prior to obtaining emergency medical treatment, we ask you to call within 24 hours or have someone call on your behalf. Otherwise, your maximum benefit payable will be reduced to 70% of your medical expenses covered under this insurance, to a maximum of $50,000. The number on your Travel Card for US and Canada is 1-800-459-6604, elsewhere call collect to 1-905-762-5196.

What if I can’t return home before my coverage expires because of circumstances beyond my control?

We know even the best-laid plans get interrupted. We’re in the insurance business after-all. If you’re hospitalized while you’re away, we’ll manage your case until your medical emergency has ended. Once discharged from hospital, your coverage will automatically be extended for 72 hours to allow you and any travelling companions to return home.

The same 72-hour coverage extension applies if your transportation home is cancelled or delayed, or you have a vehicle breakdown that causes you to miss your transportation home.

Can I  get a refund if I return home early?
1. Prior to your effective date you are eligible for a full refund. 
2. After your effective date, a partial refund is available for unused days upon return to your province of residence
except if: 
       a.     the insured person requesting the refund has incurred a claim under the policy; or 
       b.     if a family rate was applied, any person covered under the plan has incurred a claim. 
Written notice with supporting documentation is required within 30 days of your early return to your province of residence. Once you have received a refund, you will no longer be eligible for reimbursement of expenses for any medical emergency. 
Can I extend my Emergency Medical coverage if I decide to travel longer than originally planned?

Yes, provided you haven’t incurred a claim or required medical treatment or medical consultation during your trip. Your request must be received at least two days before the expiry of your policy.

If I’m travelling for work will I be covered under a TravelStar® Emergency Medical plan?

For most work travel, coverage is provided for emergency medical conditions that aren’t related to the work you’re travelling for. Work-related injuries are not covered under our Emergency Medical plans, as these claims are the jurisdiction of the employer’s insurance plan (typically a Worker’s Compensation Board).


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