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New Group Benefits Plan for ALBERTA RETIREES

Are you retired without benefits, losing them soon,
or just looking for an affordable plan with great coverage?


No medical questions as long as you apply within 60 days of retirement or loss of similar coverage

Services billed directly to GMS - pay direct card for pharmacy, dentist, chiropractor, massage therapist and more

Does your plan include travel coverage?*

* Travel coverage includes pre-existing conditions if stable for 180 days (under 75) or 365 days (75 or over)

Travel coverage is back -covid related included - max 90 days - new 

Travel Top-Up and/or Trip Cancellation Insurance available here 

COVID - 19 update

Please see GMS FAQs for up to date information on coverage

Travel Advisories








Information sheet 2024           Plan Comparisons 2024




Benefit Plan Booklet  2024               Enrollment Form 2024

Plan Benefit Eligibility

Must be a resident in Canada covered by a provincial or territorial government health insurance plan

To apply as a participant, you can be retired from employment of an Alberta Police, Fire, EMS department or any Retired Alberta Civil Servant, federal, provincial or municipal or had a career that provided monthly benefits.

Can be retired from Police, Fire, EMS, AHS, UNA, AUPE, CUPE, ATA, AISCA etc

or any of the following pension plans LAPP, PSPP, SFPP, MEPP, ATRF or similar

Refer a friend or colleague and get a $25 gift card when they sign up

Plan Highlights



Pay-direct drug card included

Prescription are paid at 80% of LCA or 80% of balance of formulary and non-formulary drugs

$1,500 per Insured / Policy Year.


100% reimbursement.


Glasses/Contacts/Laser Eye Surgery


$300 every 2 Years

just increased


Basic - 80% reimbursement


Major - 50% reimbursement.


Combined maximum of $1,250 per Insured Person per Policy Year.

Just increased!

Hearing Aids

100% reimbursement.

$500 per Insured Person, per 3 Policy Years

When fitted by an audiologist


100% reimbursement to visit limit and annual max

Includes: Acupuncturist, chiropractor, massage therapist, , speech therapist, physiotherapist

at $60 per visit

Naturopath and psychologist

at $75 per visit

Maximum of $400 per specialty per Insured Person per Policy Year.


Just increased from

60 to 90 days!!!

90 days per trip.

$2,000,000 /person/policy year.

Under 75 must be stable for 6 months

Over 75 must be stable for 12 months



100 % reimbursement

$300 per Insured Person, per 3 Policy Years

Glucose monitors 1 every 4 years - incl in max

Physician written authorization required.

CPAP (Oxygen)


100 % reimbursement

$500 per Insured Person, per 5 Policy Years

One-time Physician written authorization required.

Compare coverages! - 90 day Travel Coverage
Best Value & Premium - Single, Couple, & Family plans  






GMS TravelStar

Use this online tool to buy or quote an exact rate based on your personal information


This brochure is to check the per/day cost of extra top-up travel days (after the initial 60 days covered) by quality of health, number of days and age per individual applying

*sign up your retiree group or association to be eligible for an Open Enrollment period(sign up with no restrictions for all benefits except travel stability restrictions)


Our Mission

To provide an benefit plan that is affordable with  great coverage that is responsive to member needs and available to public sector employees that have enjoyed a benefit plan during their career.

Our Vision

To take the stress out of medical coverage by providing an efficient well-managed plan that covers the members needs with the bonus of emergency travel coverage.

The Results

Healthier and active retirees that have long and enjoyable retirement.


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