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Calgary Fire Department Pensioners Association (CFDPA) starts benefit plan

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

The CFDPA starts a group benefit plan in August 2014

The CFDPA began exploring options for benefit plans for it's members in 2012 as when the retired members and/or spouses turned 65 they were removed from the City of Calgary Retiree Benefit Plan.

" The criteria that they were looking for was a plan similar to the one they just came off, some extended Travel Coverage, and a manageable monthly premium with a reputable provider."

A group benefit plan was created with Group Medical Services (GMS).

Follow the link below to learn more about Group Medical Services (GMS)

GMS story

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Jan 10, 2022

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Also, I believe Cheri Huber coined the phrase “How you do anything, should be how you do everything”.

I’m getting that now. And so I changed out of my tee and into a more work intentional dress shirt, and pressed jeans and set out on my impeccable day. #firefighter #retirement# #mentoring#coach#Impeccable#habits

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